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13 October 2015
Dear Supporter,
I am proud to report that the work of the late Dr Gordon Skinner has continued over the past two years and due to the dedication and determination of a small group of staff and volunteers.  We have now assembled a database of information which will be analysed following ethical permission to firstly look at safety of Dr Skinner’s treatment followed by more detailed analysis of treatments with the natural and synthetic thyroid preparations. We hope this information will help improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients affected by thyroid illness.
Over the two years we have been lucky enough to secure donations from The William A. Cadbury Charitable Trust, Lyndon Scaffolding, the Co-operative membership community fund and have also been selected as Charity of the Year by our Local Sainsbury store, all of which has enabled the Vaccine Research Trust to support the thyroid research. Unfortunately, the work is taking longer than we hoped as staff and volunteers have also been involved in a variety of fundraising activities to help us keep going.
We are now running short on funds to help continue this vital work and are making an appeal to our supporters to assist us. Being a small charity we do not employ professional fundraisers and our income is dependent on donations and grants.
If you would like to support us towards researching and publishing this important data to help improve the care of thyroid sufferers this would be greatly appreciated. You can donate directly to the Vaccine Research Trust via the Justgiving website:  or by cheque made out to ‘Vaccine Research Trust’ and send it to: 22 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8BE.
Kind regards,
Afshan Ahmad PhD
Director of research and Development
Vaccine Research Trust

October 2014

Dear Everyone,

The good news is that we now have 5389 registered members of the WTR. I would like to thank everyone who has donated generously to The Vaccine Research Trust in Dr. Skinner's memory. These fund will help towards analysis of information relating to the relationship of clinical symptoms and thyroid chemistry and the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases.

We are embarking on a major fund raising drive to raise funds to continue Dr. Skinner's thyroid and vaccine research and hope you will all continue to support our endeavours.

The fund raising plans will be launched on May 3rd 2014 at the celebration of Dr. Skinner's life and work followed by a sponsored bike ride.

So far, there are 3 fund raising events to which you are all welcome to;

1. Hertfordshire Bike Ride, 18th May 2014

2. Village Fete and sponsored walk in Lapworth, 21st September 2014

3. Gyro Royal Parks Half Marathon, 14th October 2014

We will continue to maintain the World Thyroid Register and address the Actions as outlined by Dr. Skinner.

Kind regards,

Afshan Ahmad

27 February 2014
You are invited to celebrate the Life and Works of Dr Gordon Robert Bruce Skinner to be held at the Lunar Suite, 70 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HT on Saturday 3rd May 2014.

We would like to invite his patients, medical colleagues and friends to share in the day and enjoy a series of talks and anecdotes from Dr Skinner's life and further information on how we are committed to continuing the work of this great clinician and scientist with The Vaccine Research Trust.

The day will start at 11am with coffee/tea, drinks and refreshments served throughout the day.

As so many people have expressed an interest in attending please let us know as early as possible if you will be coming.

Our contact details are below and we really look forward to sharing this wonderful day with you.
Vaccine Research Trust,
22 Alcester Road,
B13 8BE
Phone/fax:         01214498895

A World Thyroid Register has been formed to address the parlous situation of patients who are hypothyroid and have yet not been diagnosed and indeed patients who are being managed with an unacceptably low level of thyroid replacement. The situation has significantly worsened in the last one year pursuant to pronouncements in the United Kingdom from the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of General Practitioners who inter alia have suggested that patients should not be diagnosed with hypothyroidism if the TSH is <10.0 and moreover that Armour Thyroid is a 'bad' preparation because the proportions of T4/T3 may not reflect the human proportions while contemporaneously suggesting prescription of T4 alone; this makes no sense at all.  
          Everything has to date failed including petitions with large number of signatures from hypothyroid patients and other concerned parties including solicitations to various Members of Parliament in the UK and a plethora of letters to the General Medical Council who do not seem to wish to embrace this matter.
          It seems to us that the only way forward is to form a World Thyroid Register with at least around 50,000 signatories. It may also be necessary if there is no final movement on this issue to consider legal redress but we sincerely hope that this will not be necessary; however, at the of the day, we cannot allow thousands of patients to be abandoned to poor quality existence because of inexplicable obduracy among the medical profession and the medical establishment.
          We have therefore started a World Thyroid Register which will consist of a list of completely confidential names. I cannot emphasise strongly enough that this register will not do anything else than be a register until there is the requirement for definitive action. I am particularly concerned that the leaders of groups, for example, presently established thyroid help groups will be concerned or think that we are trying to 'take over' their names. In fact, we would not wish the names of the members of any given help group but merely an assurance which is not binding that when if required the chairperson will make appropriate contact with his/her group members. We will thus have two kinds of members namely those who have signed up to the World Thyroid Register and members via affiliated groups from established organisations.
We have to do something now.
Yours for aye,
Dr. Gordon RB Skinner
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