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Tribute to John Lowe
23rd January 2012
Gordon Skinner 
It is with great sadness that I have heard of the death of Dr John Lowe. John will be known to most of you through his work on thyroid disease.
John has made an unparallel contribution to our understanding of hypothyroidism and the metabolic basis of this disease. His work has dispelled a number of myths surrounding the diagnosis and management of hypothyroidism which have certainly contributed to a shortfall in care of hypothyroidism on a global basis.
John’s book, 'Your Guide to Metabolic Health', is quite simply a masterpiece and dissects and summarises in a clear and concise style the problems associated with hypothyroidism. I was privileged to be given a copy of the book when John visited the UK some years ago, John was a collegiate colleague and was often at the heart of social gatherings. He stayed with me and my late wife in Birmingham and I remember talking far into the night on the problems of hypothyroidism (and the world in general) aided by a bottle of excellent malt whiskey.
John will be sadly missed but he can rest in the knowledge that his work and his writings have made and will make a significant contribution to the health of patients on a worldwide basis.
Gordon R B Skinner MD, DSc, FRCOG, FRCPath
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